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No: 685  Penetrating Silk
Price: Euro 9

You can see here.

With this magical silk you will be able to perform various illusions. Here are a few examples:

THE VISIBLE PENETRATION OF THE SILK THROUGH A MICROPHONE STAND – The magician shows a silk and then holds it outstretched between his hands in front of a microphone stand. In the blink of the eye, he pulls the silk backwards with his hands, and it VISIBLY penetrates the stand!
THE RING PENETRATION THROUGH THE SILK – The magician shows a solid ring and threads a silk through it. In the blink of the eye the ring penetrates right through the silk!
The two above tricks are explained in the instructions but many more can be easily created with this wonderful and magical silk (the silk could penetrate the arm of your assistant, a solid wand firmly gripped by a spectator…)
• The silk measures approximately cm 43 x 43 (16,9”x16,9”).
• We supply you the silk and necessary gimmick. No ring is supplied.
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No: 684  You can not get it wrong
Price: Euro 48

You can see here:

In front of you are lined up four glasses of paper with the opening facing down. Under one of these there is a wooden stand on which is fixed a large nail pointed upwards. When turning your back the glasses are mixed. So, basing on your instinct crush three of the glasses, one after another, with the palm of your hand without any damage. Lifting the last glass you will see what you have left that one with the nail under!

• Made with care and imported from France. The electronic operation is safe.
• The nail is 13.5 cm high and has a diameter of about 0.5 cm. It is also supplied an elegant package that measures cm 17 (l) x 14.5 (h) x 3 (w).

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No: 234  Giant Cube Illusion - Original Joker Magic idea
Price: Euro 140

Instant and Easy Illusion for parlor, even for Stage show.

Magician shows an empty black jumbo box and a solid jumbo cube that has orange balls painted on it.

He places the jumbo cube into the black jumbo box.

With magical finger snap, the jumbo cube changes into a real live ball, a large-sized orange ball that matches the painted on the cube.

Now, he covers the lid on the box, so there is no opening. It is completely sealed.

With another magical finger snap, a solid, jumbo die cube appears from the empty box!

All props are examinable!

Instuctionl DVD included!

You can combine the trick with the Transforming Cube trick!
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No: 543  Sword Through Neck Deluxe - Wood
Price: Euro 45

See here.

Leave everybody bated breath!

Take a wooden collar, place a balloon in it, pass a sharp sword through the collar to pop the balloon and prove the sword is stiff and it is really going through the collar.
Now place the collar around the neck of your spectators and make the sword go through his neck... FROM SIDE TO SIDE...

This version of the SWORD THOURGH NECK presents a wooden collar, a simple detail which makes the difference.
In fact, the item looks more ancient and is ideal for performances in costume.

• The items is supplied complete with the collar, the sword and its case.

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No: 331  The third Hand
Price: Euro 20



You can see here.

The magician enters the stage and opens a sheet in front of him. The audience can see both the artist's hands resting on the sheet, but will remain speechless when they see objects starting to fly, and others to appear and others changing colour.

It's amazing!

The package contains instructions and a hand with some good ideas of presentation.



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No: 503  Floating Table
Price: Euro 110

The magician looks at the table on the stage. Grab the corners of the silk that covers it, and after a moment of concentration, he slowly lift it and the table starts to fly. A spectator is called on stage to keep the other two corners of the silk and to see close the fly of the table. The audience will be amazed by this illusion!

• It can be disassembled completely.
• A stylish bag is supplied that measures 40 cm (l) x 10 (h) x 34 (w).
• The table is 88 cm high and the table top measures approximately 30 x 30 cm. The silk measures 74 cm per side.


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No: 130  Escaping from the Sack (Illusion)
Price: Euro 100

The illusionist gets a spectator to examine a big black sack: there are neither secret holes nor anything odd about it.

An assistant creeps into the sack, then the illusionist ties a band round the opening. (The band has been also examined previously.)

Now two assistants stretch out a sheet which cannot be seen through.
The audience does not lose sight of the opening of the sack with the band around it. The illusionist ties it to the wrist of an assistant.

Then the illusionist pulls the linen, and the assistant is standing by the sack which is still tied together at the opening!

The illusion can be performed for friends or on stage. You do not need any special equipment for it, except for the linen which can be e.g. a coloured bed-linen.
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No: 95  Cola Illusion
Price: Euro 125

An illusion for stage performance.
Beside being easy to perform and transport, it has a magnificant effect.
A real can of cola or beer is placed into a plastic case.
With two metal plates that can be handed out to be examined before the performance, it can be divided into three parts.

The middle sections can be slided out just like at any other great illusion tricks.

After the middle part is replaced and the metal plates are removed, the can can be opened and drunk.

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