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No: 683  Vanishing Steel Cane
Price: Euro 40

Good quality vanishing cane.
Available at a good price.

The steel can change to the large silk.

(The silk is not included.)

Available languages for descriptions:


No: 853  Silk and Flowers
Price: Euro 59

You can see it here.

The magician shows a handkerchief on both sides, and then magically produces, one at a time, four colorful bouquets of flowers from it.

• Very easy to do, and great for any kind of audience.

• The hanky can be shown to be empty before each production.

• The bouquets are 28cm (11”) tall, and made from cloth and feathers. The hanky is about cm 58 x 58 (22,8” x 22,8”).

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No: 816  Super Blendo
Price: Euro 26

You can see it here.

The magician shows four different colored silks, and puts them, one at a time, inside a black bag. Instantly, just by shaking the bag, it will change into a beautiful giant multicolored silk. All the silks will have “fused” together changing into a super blendo.

• The large silk measures cm 73 x 73.

Available languages for descriptions:


No: 809  Happy Birthday Silk - 45x45 cm selyem
Price: Euro 10

A fabulous silk for any magician wanting to have a birthday surprise for their audience!



No: 712  Color Changing Streamer
Price: Euro 25

You can see here.
The magician shows a long black scarf. He shakes it gently and the scarf visibly changes from black to multicolor.

• The scarf is cm 115 long (in. 45).
• The effect may also be performed back to front, that is from multicolor to black. Or, after turning the black scarf to multicolor, you can make it go black again.
Available languages for descriptions:


No: 703  Vanishing Coke Can
Price: Euro 28

You can see here.

The most visible and clean vanishing of a can of Coke. Some Coke is poured from a can into a glass. An empty tube is shown. The can is introduced inside the tube and inmediatelly you blow into it thus making a silk appears flying from the other end. The tube is shown empty... The can has disapeared!

No skill required.

  • Bazar De Magia quality.  
  • No silk included, use any 12 inches silk. 
  • It is different than the vanishing bottle, here you don´t use a hankerchief to cover the tube. 
Available languages for descriptions:


No: 685  Penetrating Silk
Price: Euro 9

You can see here.

With this magical silk you will be able to perform various illusions. Here are a few examples:

THE VISIBLE PENETRATION OF THE SILK THROUGH A MICROPHONE STAND – The magician shows a silk and then holds it outstretched between his hands in front of a microphone stand. In the blink of the eye, he pulls the silk backwards with his hands, and it VISIBLY penetrates the stand!
THE RING PENETRATION THROUGH THE SILK – The magician shows a solid ring and threads a silk through it. In the blink of the eye the ring penetrates right through the silk!
The two above tricks are explained in the instructions but many more can be easily created with this wonderful and magical silk (the silk could penetrate the arm of your assistant, a solid wand firmly gripped by a spectator…)
• The silk measures approximately cm 43 x 43 (16,9”x16,9”).
• We supply you the silk and necessary gimmick. No ring is supplied.
Available languages for descriptions:


No: 655  Fly - economy (12 feet, 4 m)
Price: Euro 29

See here:

The magician enters the stage, puts a hand in his pocket, pulls out a silk, and shows it to the audience. He throws it in the air, and surprisingly it flies backstage. A sure applause getter!

• A red 12" (30x30 cm)” silk is supplied.
• The maximum flight distance of the silk is approximately 4 meters.

Available languages for descriptions:


No: 578  Happy Birthday Silk - 60x60 cm
Price: Euro 20

New designed Happy Birthday Silk.

100% pure silk.



No: 576  Can Brass
Price: Euro 42

You can see here.

The magician shows a can with a lid on. He removes the lid and drops in a lit match so that fire shoots out. He immediately covers the can with a lid putting off the fire.

After a few moments the lid is removed, and the tube is found to be filled with colorful items. The magician produces silks, streamers, flowers etc. After some productions he tips the can over a tumbler and pours down water.
He empties it (at least that is what the spectators think), and again produces some more objects. Finally, as if that was not enough, he pours again water from the can leaving everybody speechless.

• Easy to do, high impact magic.
• The tube is cm 16 (in. 6) tall and has a diameter of cm 8 (in. 3).

Available languages for descriptions:


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