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No: 906  Magma (Gimmick and Online Instructions)
Price: Euro 90

You can see it here.

"I have trick envy!"
- Paul Harris

The hands are the focal point for power for many magicians, so why not turn your hands into a glowing hot lightshow? With Magma, you can focus your power and transform your fist into a seemingly, red-hot inferno. Metal bending, PK effects, fire & smoke magic take on a superhero moment when the items in your hand start to burn brightly in a fiery orange glow.

"Magma is a smart way to make a particular moment in your show a lot more magical."
- Joshua Jay

The gimmick is practically invisible in performance and can provide over 100 uses before it will require a USB recharge. Highly durable and expertly manufactured, your Magma gimmick will handle years of repeated use.

Turn your fist into a furnace Magma is extremely easy to use and is everything you could wish for to inject a mutant-ability moment into your magic.


- Makes your fist light up to look molten hot
- Add extra punch to coin bends, metal bending, PK magic and many more
- Add smoke to Magma and really heat things up
- Durable, self-working gimmick does everything for you
- One size fits all
- Easy to learn, easy to do
- USB rechargeable
- No reset, Magma is ready to go every time
- No Thumb Tips
- Perform Sleeveless

"This thing is hot! Killer applications."
- Justin Flom

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No: 741  Sponge French Fries by Alexander May
Price: Euro 26

You can see it here.

Feeling a bit hungry? Take out some fries from your purse frame! Realistic looking box full of french fries at your fingertips.

Measures approx. 9cm wide x 15cm tall.

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No: 658  Spider Pen Pro Black Accessoriers By Messika
Price: Euro 16

If you would like the Spider Pen Pro clip to be less noticeable in your pocket, then this kit is for you. It contains three custom parts which easily swap into your Spider Pen Pro.

Also included is a bonus Spider Pen Pro spool cap.



No: 659  Spider Thread (2 piece pack) Yigal Mesika
Price: Euro 18

It's for Reel!

This package contains two Spider Thread spoolers, each with over 35 feet of ultimate super-fine invisible thread, designed specially for the Spider Pen, Tarantula, and other motorized reels in the Yigal Mesika series.

Intended for the use of levitating and animating objects!




No: 835  VDF Close Up Pad - Standard size
Price: Euro 14

A soft and durable, double layered close-up mat.
Does not slip. Does not tear. Lasts a lifetime.
Available in four colours.

Size: cm 40 x 27,5 (about 16" x 11").



No: 656  Rubber Cement (USA)
Price: Euro 12

Special glue.

You can see here.



No: 444  Magic Prediction Mug
Price: Euro 24

You can see here.

During a tea break with his friends, the magician has a card selected from a deck.

He performs a few tricks and then takes a sip of tea.
To everyone’s disbelief his mug, that initially was clearly full of decorations with numbers and card suits, now has only one number and suit clearly visible as the others have magically faded away… and these correspond exactly to the spectators chosen card! 

An unusual and offbeat effect, that is easy to do as drinking a cup of tea!
• This mug is a real must have object for anybody that is passionate about magic.
• The mug is made in white ceramic and has beautiful and vivid playing card decorations on it.
• Although the effect can be performed with a regular deck of cards, we also include a special deck that will make the performance even easier, and with which you can perform also many other amazing card tricks.

In the video the effect is shown, but the actual item you will receive is shown in the photo.
Available languages for descriptions:


No: 443  Mug - regular
Price: Euro 10

These mugs are great conversation piece, and a must have object for any magician.
Make your tea or coffee break with your friends magical.
Start your day off having breakfast accompanied with this magical mug.
Give a touch of magic to your desk and use this mug as a magical pen holder.
• Buy more than one mug and create a set.
• As this is regular mug, no instructions are supplied.
• Use these cups together with the twin “Magic Prediction Mug”. By doing so, during the routine only one of the mugs will magically change revealing a selected card, creating even more astonishment.

PLEASE NOTE: the video shows the effect possible with the item “Magic Prediction Mug”.  In this version the mug is NORMAL and therefore it is not gimmicked.


No: 585  Flash Cotton White
Price: Euro 12

Flash Cotton White



No: 602  Sharpie - Permanent Marker
Price: Euro 2

Regular permanent marker, no gimick.
Optimal size and weight for different maguic tricks.


- black
- red
- green



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