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Touch Origin Cardistry Cards
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Tarantula II by Yigal Mesika
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Professional Vanishing Silk
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Invisible Deck - Bicycle
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No: 452  Touch Origin Cardistry Cards
Price: Euro 26

You can see it here.

The first deck crafted from scratch for cardistry.


The Origin Cardistry deck is much more than just another deck of playing cards.

The Origin Cardistry deck features a unique geometric design that will make your deck stand out from all others. A single design is repeated on each card for an enhanced cardistry experience. So why is it better then all the other playing cards out there? Well, because they’re not playing cards anymore. With one single purpose, this object is now the perfect tool for cardistry.

The design is perfectly centered and the thin borders on the backs make a clear distinction between packets, for cleaner cuts and displays.

The deep colors and crisp contrasts, only possible with the latest technology in offset printing, really make the design pop out.

The Origin cards are designed with fanning in mind: different patterns come to life, rhythms and connections, depending on the way you fan.

The spinning motion is accentuated by the center piece of the design: the colors merge into a mesmerizing whirlpool, wrapping around the fixed blank spot in the center.



A premium quality paper was chosen with a softer stock, for easier pressure moves right out of the box. The cardboard is also whiter than competitors, so the deep colors of design pop out even more.

A new varnish was designed for our art form: the “cardistry finish”. The cards feel broken in, right out of the box for a better fanning experience. This varnish usesd is also environment friendly.

A brand new knife was used that was specifically forged for our deck. The edges will feel smoother and the design will have almost no offset, with a nearly perfect alignment.




Coolest. Box. Ever. No need to say more.


51 Cards: an odd number of cards makes faro moves easier, as you can shuffle one half into the other while maintaining total control.

Origami Phone Stand: Need to record a move on your phone? Just use the extra card included and fold it as a phone stand with the app “My Shuffles”.

• These cards are poker size. The faces of the cards are all the same as this decks has been specifically created for cardistry.



No: 451  Dead Soul Playing Cards
Price: Euro 13

You can see it here.

This is a deck of playing cards which has a strong visual impact!

Sam Hayles worked hard on this deck from April 2015 to May 2016. During this time, more than 100 modifications were made. Here is the final result: devastating!!!

Sam Hayles is a famous playing card designer in the United Kingdom and has designed many excellent packs if cards including Bicycle Karnival range, Karnival Dead Eyes and Karnival Dose.

• The cards are poker size.



No: 450  Bicycle - Club Tattoo - Orange
Price: Euro 2 000

You can see it here.

This is the orange version of the famous Club Tattoo playing cards.

The artists at Club Tattoo, one of the most famous tattoo and body piercing studios in the world, designed the original art on every card in this colorful deck. Club Tattoo founders Sean and Thora Dowdell, and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, sat down with Club 808 to talk more about the inspiration behind the deck. Each suit is its own style of tattoo art, including skulls, traditional Japanese, Day of the Dead, and traditional tattoos.


The Club Tattoo Deck contains original artwork on the front and back of each card and the tuck. Made in the USA at The United States Playing Card Company on premium stock with a quality finish.



No: 888  Monarchs - Green
Price: Euro 14

You can see the demo video of the deck here.

Monarchs Green, the latest edition of the world’s most popular luxury deck.

Green Monarchs feature brilliant gold foil on an embossed, forest green tuck case. They're absolutely breathtaking - and they feel as good as they look.

The Green Monarch box is uniquely composed of two layers - it’s the most durable tuck case we’ve ever made. Monarch playing cards are Made in the USA on FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests. The cards themselves are printed with vegetable-based inks.

Whether you own other Monarch decks or the Green Edition is your first, this will likely be the nicest deck of cards you own.



No: 887  Virtuoso deck
Price: Euro 26

You can see the demo video of the deck here.

For the SS16 season, here is the boldest and most breathtaking Virtuoso deck to date: marks a most explorative aesthetic experience yet!

The new edge-to-edge back design not only magnifies each shape for maximum visibility; it liberates the cards to seamlessly merge with one another to establish new forms.

The deeper lines further amplify every rotation, and accompanied with dashes of cadmium yellow, artfully wrap over to the faces to paint streaks of color when spread.

Composed of an elegant array of geometric shapes derived from Cardistry’s core movements and forms, the Virtuoso deck features an innovation we call Adaptive Aesthetics - a functional back design that gives the appearance of shifting shapes, swirling lines, changing colors, and connecting patterns to visually accentuate every card flourish you perform.

With gorgeous artwork and illustrations set on the finest casino-grade materials, and handling characteristics optimised to the demands of the top Cardists in the world, the result is a deck with unprecedented form and function - the only deck truly designed for the art of card flourishing. 



No: 886  Memento Mori Blue
Price: Euro 14

Time is the most precious gift. It lets us imagine, and drives us to create. 

The Memento Mori Blue is a celebration of life, a sign of what inspires us, and a constant reminder that our time here is fleeting. It is a symbol of our eternal defiance against our own impermanence. It is a design reminding us to create, to imagine, and to live. 

The low-poly design is simple and post-modern. Yet, beneath the clean veneer of elementary shapes, lies a complex shading arrangement meant to breathe life and dimensionality into an otherwise flat image. The prevailing blue hue throughout each custom card embodies man's ubiquitous reflection on mortality. This marvelous deck allows you to make a statement.

Many historians believe that playing cards represented a deeper, esoteric meaning, that each suit was one of the four seasons. Each card within a suit was one of the thirteen phases of the moon. The Fifty-two cards in a deck would represent fifty-two weeks of the year and together, this would represent just one year of your life. 

Create, imagine, inspire... Memento Mori

• The cards are poker size.



No: 874  NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) Playing Cards
Price: Euro 19

You can see it here.

A legendary deck of premium playing cards that exudes elegance and sophistication. Over a year in the making - with art direction by Neil Patrick Harris.

NPH Playing Cards are elegant, intricate, and visually stunning. Every aspect was handcrafted with relentless, unrivaled attention to detail.

As with everything, there's more than meets the eye - with secret symbolism within the deck. Look closely and you may discover much more.

With a combination of artistic influences, NPH Playing Cards are a tribute to Neil's love of mystery, magic, games, and theater.

NPH Playing Cards feature a custom Ace of Spades, Joker, box design, and modified court card typography. Even the INSIDE of the box has a custom, elegant gold foil pattern by Jay Fletcher.

• The cards are in poker size.



No: 869  Cardistry Playing Cards - Limited Edition
Price: Euro 26

You can see it here.

Cardistry Playing Cards - Limited Edition

This is a limited and numbered edition of just 5.000 decks, and nearly all have already been preordered through Kickstarter. We have the last decks available worldwide! Hurry to order yours before they... "dissappear" for good!
This deck, with its geometric modern style is already a classic deck for cardistry. The main colors of the faces are black and purple and are the essence of mystery and extravagance.
The springy stock makes performing and flourishing with these cards a real pleasure! The United States Playing Card Company was chosen as the materials and inks they use ensure that the cards have a great snap and feel to them.
The court cards are illustrated in great detail, and make this deck a great piece for collectors.
The Aces also have really unique designs.

The back of the cardS provide an awesome visual effect when performing fans, spins, spreads....
If you are a fan of Cardistry you cannot miss this fantastic deck!

Each box is has a numbered seal on it.

Many believe that the four suits represented the four seasons, and we are sure this deck will accompany you spring, summer, autumn and winter.
- Peerless court cards have custom and traditional designs.
- Unique geometric and vivid color tuck case design.
- Printed by The United States Playing Card Company.
- Bicyle Stock and AIR-Cushion Finish.
• The cards are poker size.



No: 686  Bicycle - Big Box - Red or blue
Price: Euro 12

Great for stage use these Jumbo (Big Box) Bicycle Cards can be seen from a much greater distance than standard poker size cards. Also great for visually impaired card lovers!

Measures approx 11,5cm x 18cm.
Made in the USA by the United States Playing Card Company. Although these are Bicycle Cards and feature the familiar 808 Rider Back Design they are not printed on Bicycle Card Stock as the special airflow finish would make them too slippery to handle.


No: 641  Monarchs - Red
Price: Euro 14

You can see it here.

The World's Finest playing cards, fit for a King.

In 2011, we released the original Monarchs. They quickly became our best-selling deck, and they ushered in a new standard for luxury playing cards. Soon after, we dressed them in red. Monarchs are back in a new print edition, with a much more vivid, vibrant red box.

Red Monarchs are Made in the USA on FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests.

Printed on Q1 quality stock with our signature Premium 909 Finish.

We spent time refining the world’s finest deck. It turned out better than we could ever imagine. We treated the back design with a vibrant, dramatic shade of red. For the tuck case, we worked alongside our print team to take an existing soft-touch paper and then darkened the tone while maintaining the vibrance of the red color.

The goal was to make playing cards fit for a king. The world’s finest. Regal. We feel one step closer to accomplishing that mission than ever before. We know you’re going to love them.

Red Monarchs are the perfect stocking stuffer for design aficionados, poker players, card flourishers, magicians and card-collectors alike.

• The deck is poker size.



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