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Magic show for every occasion! (For family-, business events, parties, for children and adults.) Entertaining, unique show specially tailored for the actual event. Teaching magic and live animals during the show if requested! Stage magic or table hopping with interactive tricks! Can be ordered in various durations!

Click for a video demo HERE

For more info and to book a show:

+3630 598 2302



Miss Joker was born in 1990 in Budapest. Via her father - who is a manufacturer of magic tricks – she met the magic world when she was born. When her father invents a new trick, he always shows it first to his family. Miss Joker has been trying to figure out the solution for the tricks since a very young age.
With her sister as Morsi Duo she was competing in several national and international competitions:

1999 XII. Corodini Bűvész Kupa – Special Award
1999 Rodolfo Junior Bűvésztalálkozó – II. price Stage magic category
2000 Tavaszi Varázslat - II. price Junior category
2001 Magic Vikend (Serbia) – I. price Junior category
2001 Tavaszi Varázslat – Special Award
2003 XVI. Corodini Bűvészverseny – I. price Junior I. category

Afterwards she was focusing on her studies and enrolled to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. After two years she switched to Kingston University in England and graduated as a Product Designer.

After finishing her studies, she returned to Hungary to join the business of her parents and take a role in the Joker Magic Shop. Miss Joker helps to develop the new products, designs the packagings and adevertising and also helps to organise magic lectures and conventions. She amazes people from day to day in the shop and with her professional knowledge helps to choose the right products.

Every year Miss Joker visits several international magic conventions to get to know the newest trends and also expand the range of her magic items with unique products. On her trips she has met several great magicians personally, like Dynamo, David Copperfield, Marc Oberon, Shawn Farquhar, Lenart Green, Aldo Colombine, Roberto Giobbi.

Miss Joker has also returned to the stage, her show has been booked for several different occasions. (School graduation party, Santa Claus party, International Childrens Day, business events, weddings, etc.) She adjusts her show every time specially for the event. To make the show unforgettable, Houdini, the magic rabbit helps her in the act.