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Touch Origin Cardistry Cards
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Tarantula II by Yigal Mesika
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Professional Vanishing Silk
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Invisible Deck - Bicycle
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The minimum order - EURO 30.00

We accept bank transfer or Money Order.

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Mr. Gyula Czili
1155 Budapest, Obsitos u.17. Hungary

National Savings and Commercial Bank Ltd.
Budapest, V. Nádor u. 16. Hungary
IBAN (International Bank Account Number): HU21 1171 5007 2038 1879 0000 0000
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): OTP VHUHB


BACKORDERS - We do our best to provide quick and accurate service. Orders are normally processed, packed and ready for shipping within 48 hours of receiving it. There are times when factors beyond our control will cause a requested item to be temporarily out of stock. This item will be considered on back order and will be shipped as soon as the item is in stock again. Unless canceled by the customer or if the item is found to no longer be available we will notify you. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Wholesale information is available by contacting the office directly by e-mail or phone.

If you live in Europien Union please send us your VAT number. (UST - Id Nr.)

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Important notice:

RETURNS - We stand behind what we sell. If you receive a product that is defective, we will fix it or replace it for you immediately. However please understand, buying magic tricks means learning the secret to the effect and that can not be returned. Because of this, if you buy something and then simply decide you can not use it: that is not an acceptable reason for making a return. ALL returns must be approved by calling the office to make arrangements for returning any item. Please do not just ship items to us without approval.